Time is running out to apply for a job where you simply eat pizza at the best pizzerias in New York State.

A spokesperson for PlayStar reached out to Hudson Valley Post in hopes we could inform our readers about a "dream job."

Dream Job Alert: Get paid $500 to test pizza in New York

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PlayStar is on the hunt for two pizza testers.

"Have you ever wondered what getting paid for eating some of the world's finest pizza would be like? Well, that dream just came true as PlayStar is now looking for two pizza testers to take on the challenge of tasting pizza in either New York or New Jersey, and they will even pay you $500 for the pleasure," PlayStar stated in a press release sent to Hudson Valley Post.

You only have until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 23, to apply. CLICK HERE to apply

"We will pay two lucky winners $500 each to try and review three different pizzas, from three different restaurants, in either New York or New Jersey, that sounds like an amazing job to me," the spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post.

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Reason For Pizza Dream Job

PlayStar is searching for pizza testers as a follow-up to a study last year about the best pizza made in New York and New Jersey.

Winners Will Go "Behind Enemy Lines"


One person from New York and another person from New Jersey will be selected. Each will go "behind enemy lines" to taste-test from the top three rated pizzerias in New York and New Jersey, according to PlayStar's previous study.

"New York beat New Jersey for the best pizzas, as well as the most pizzerias per person. Despite having a high number of overpriced pizzas, New Jersey still offered the best average price per slice and the most interest in pizza through Google," PlayStar states about last year's study.

Role Of Pizza Tester

Pizza slice

All you have to do is try three famous pizza spots and provide a review for each pizza you try.

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The restaurants that have been selected for this pizza-tasting tour have been hand-picked from PlayStar’s previous study into the best pizzerias in New York and New Jersey.

New York State's Best Pizzerias

New Jerseyians will be feasting on New York pizza from:

New Yorkers will be sent to sample pizza in New Jersey at:

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The role of Pizza Tester includes:

  • $500 cash price upon completion of your task
  • A maximum of $100 in expenses
  • The winners must provide pictures and reviews of each pizza tested
  • The chance to have your photos and reviews published on the PlayStar website

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