So, what's your sign? Many vehicles on the roads across New York state still sport the old standard Empire Gold license plates, which were first introduced back in 2010. The newer license plates you'll see are adorned with a more traditional blue and white display, with the word Excelsior - or, 'higher', 'elevated', to excel.

The DMV also allows you customize your plates with background pictures of New York's different regions and landmarks, to display the state's unique diversity. Other license plate options may include your favorite sports team's logo, wildlife, pets, military service, or even a backdrop of the New York State Fair.

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Sometimes the DMV can get a bit stingy with what you can and can not display on your personal plates, but that's a different story.

New York Reveals New Astrological License Plate Displays 

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles announced that they will give drivers the option to display an image of their zodiac sign on their license plate. WHAM reports that the new plates will have each astrological sign's image, plus a pic of the different phases of the Moon along the bottom edge of the plate.

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New York State DMV Restrictions 

New York's DMV has quite a few restrictions when it comes to personalized plates. Everything from what may considered "obscene, profane, vulgar, repulsive, depraved, or lewd", or what may "refer to a sexual or intimate body part", to what may reference "eliminatory or other bodily functions." are also not okay.

Some Of 2023's Rejected Vanity Plates

WGRZ reports that the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles rejected more than 3,000 requests for personalized plates in 2023. This is up from around 1,800 or so rejections just the year before, according to the DMV.

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See the FULL LIST at WGRZ. Some of the more notable turned down ideas from 2023 include:

65 Dirty Banned License Plates In New York State

While you can customize your license plate in New York State, you can not put anything you want on it. Here are 65 dirty plates that have been banned.

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