When most people think of getting an inheritance, they think of money, a house or a car. There is one New York couple that has inherited something out of the ordinary.

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This is the story of Susan and George Grimbilas, a New York couple who inherited something unusual from George's late uncle, Strati Nicolas. What did they inherit? A collection of over 2,000 Snapple caps! What the!

The story of these caps goes back to the '90s when Snapple quenched our thirst and entertained us with their Real Facts.Those were little tidbits of knowledge stamped on the inside of the bottle tops? Nicolas was a quirky collector and saved every Snapple cap fact in a large planter in his living room.

After his passing at the age of 87, the Grimbilas found themselves the owners of his Snapple cap treasure trove. Instead of cashing them, Susan had a better idea. She took to the Nextdoor app, to find a fellow lover of all things Snapple that would appreciate getting this one-of-a-kind collection.

Much to her surprise, the response was overwhelming! People were jumping at the chance to get their hands on a piece of this Snapple history. It's amazing how something like little facts printed on a cap would bring so much joy and excitement.

The Snapple facts from this collection were from 2002 and 2023, totaling 1,677 Real Facts. Some of the facts have been proven wrong and were changed, these caps are a rare find now, with the earlier caps selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

So, what did the Grimbilas do with this collection? They found a like-minded spirit in a 76-year-old woman who had plans of her own. She's going to make holiday trivets using the Snapple caps. What a fantastic way to honor George's late uncle while keeping the Snapple magic alive.

If you're missing the good old days of Real Facts, Snapple has your back. You can still enjoy all of its fun facts by going to their website or texting "real fact" to 762-775 to get a daily fact. Here's to the little things in life that make us feel young again!

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