Remington Arms, a renowned gun factory in upstate New York, is scheduled to close its doors in March, marking the end of a nearly 200-year-old chapter in American manufacturing history.

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The company, now known as RemArms, recently announced its decision to shut down the factory located in the village of Ilion in the Mohawk Valley. This closure comes as a significant blow to the local community and signals the end of an era for a company that played a pivotal role in shaping the firearms industry.

Remington Arms has a long history, with roots dating back to 1816. The factory in Ilion has been in operation since 1828, making it one of the oldest continuously operating firearms manufacturers in the United States.

Over the years, Remington Arms has faced numerous challenges, including temporary closures, bankruptcy, and legal battles following the awful Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012.

The decision to close the factory was not made lightly, according to a letter from the company to union officials. This news comes as a disappointment to union representatives and the wider community who recognize the significance of Remington Arms in the region's industrial heritage.

In 2020, Remington Arms filed for bankruptcy, and the assets were acquired by investors operating as the Roundhill Group. As part of the deal, the Ilion factory, along with the operation in Lenoir City, Tennessee, was purchased for $13 million. The new owners announced plans in 2021 to move the company's headquarters to Georgia, moving away from its historic New York roots.

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