The New York State Police has revised two key policies for applicants which offer a promising opportunity for more candidates to apply and pursue their dreams of wearing the uniform.

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The first big change is the age limit for the State Trooper Exam. Previously, the maximum age for applicants was 29 years old but now the age is 34. The new update lifts this restriction and raises the maximum age limit for the State Trooper Exam, allowing for a broader pool of potential candidates. This change will undoubtedly provide added diversity and a range of experience in the selection of new State Troopers.

Regarding her decision to approve the request of the New York State Police to raise the maximum age for troopers, Governor Kathy Hochul said, “By raising the maximum age of new recruits, we are widening the pool of people who can help us with this incredibly important work.

The other major change to the policies is related to the rules regulating tattoos. Previously, visible tattoos were strictly prohibited for uniformed personnel in the department. However, the new regulations now allow tattoos on the arms and legs as long as they are not offensive and do not depict anything discriminatory or politically sensitive.

These changes will allow for more qualified and diverse candidates in the recruitment process and give new hope to aspiring police officers in New York. With the new policies, the department is looking for candidates who have the skills, determination, and ambition to make a positive impact in their community.

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