Every time we turn around in the Empire State, they want to ban something new. It all began this year when New York became the first state that wanted to ban the sale of gas stoves, hot water heaters, and oil furnaces.

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At the beginning of August, a ban on ALL incandescent light bulbs went into effect. Then the war against air conditioners got us hot under the collar. At the time, I asked what did you think they would be going after next? Water heaters, washing machines, maybe even ceiling fans.

Well, that didn't take long. We didn't even get out of August before we got our answer.

Will Ceiling Fans Be Banned in New York State

Ceiling fans are the next target in the crosshairs. The Department of Energy (DOE) is proposing a rule that would make ceiling fans more energy efficient and that it would save us money. But will it really?

They claim that the new rules will save households around $39 over the lifespan of the new energy-efficient fan. Here's my question: If it's around $39, why not just say $40 instead? Oh wait, here's the answer.

The DOE estimates that the price of buying the new energy-efficient appliance will increase by $10 per fan. They claim that the additional price will be made up by energy bill savings...in about four years. Spend $10 extra to make $1 in four years.

Increase In Costs Of Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans Will Save Us Money. Huh?

So while we are saving 40 dollars in four years, the increased cost to the manufacturers to make these redesigned energy-efficient fans is over $86 million...per year. This will put many small business fan manufacturers out of business. Sounds like a BIG price to pay to save a little money over four years.

The DOE's philosophy is energy efficiency at all costs matters the cost. In other words, an increase in the cost of energy-efficient appliances will save us money. Sounds like typical government thinking (or lack of it) to most New Yorkers.

I'm not a fan of New York coming after my ceiling fan. What about you?

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