Did you hear about the new feature Amazon rolled out? They created a special page for sharing recalls and safety product alerts, and it’s actually pretty great news.

The recall page is especially important because there have been several recent recalls on products that were sold in New York, and it's something you might want to stay updated on.

This new "Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts" page is all about making it easier for Amazon customers to access important information about product recalls and safety notifications for items they've purchased through Amazon.

Before this page was launched, if you wanted to stay informed about product recalls, you had to rely on external sources. Plus, you had to give out your personal info to receive instructions on what to do about recalled products. Amazon's new feature eliminates these hurdles and gives customers a direct and straightforward way to stay informed about product recalls.

Here’s how it works: If there's a product recall or safety alert, you'll get personalized emails with all the details about the specific recall. Plus, you'll see an alert banner right on your "Your orders" page. Clicking on that banner will take you straight to your own "Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts" page, where you can find out everything about any potential safety hazards and know what refund, return, or repair options are available.

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Amazon is even going the extra mile by helping out their selling partners in the U.S. They're offering the option to use Amazon's Recalls Logistics Service (RLS), which means that selling partners can notify customers who bought their products through Amazon about any recalls. Not only that, they can also issue refunds on behalf of the selling partner and take care of return logistics if there's a recall.

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