The moment that "This Is Us" landed on our television screens in 2016 and we collectively laid eyes on actor Justin Hartley, we picked up our phones and started Googling everything we could on him.

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Our sleuthing led us to Justin's then-new wife, the stunning Chrishell Stause (she remarried only days ago, to Australian musician G Flip) who played Amanda Dillion on "All My Children" before joining "Days Of Our Lives," and later, "The Young And The Restless."

We couldn't get enough of Justin and Chrishell's short-lived relationship and so when the television show "Selling Sunset" premiered on Netflix in 2019, featuring Chrishell, we were along for that ride, too.

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Selling Sunset is centered around the high-end real estate company, Oppenheim Group. The Oppenheim Group is headquartered in Los Angeles and the show follows the group's agents through both their business lives and juicy personal lives. One of the agents on the show is none other than Chrishell. But, that's not new news, obviously. What is new news is that Upstate New York's philanthropist and entrepreneur, Adam Weitsman will be joining the show - if only briefly.

While we don't know exactly why Weitsman is appearing in the new season of Selling Sunset, we know that a clip of the new season released by Netflix shows Weitsman standing on a California balcony with an agent from the O-Group when he softly mentions to her that another agent from the O-Group has reached out to him.

In that briefest of brief moments, those who have watched the show instantly knew what is to come - drama with a capital D, and all of it is eyebrow-raising because anyone who knows the soft-spoken and enormously big-hearted Weitsman knows how anti-drama he is.

How will Weitsman's bombshell explode, other than all over the place? Guess we'll have to watch season six of "Selling Sunset" to find out! In his Facebook post with the show clip,  Weitsman said he thinks he may be on the first episode of the new season but isn't certain. Look for Weitsman in this clip from Netflix at the 1:03 mark.

Selling Sunset premiers on Netflix on Friday, May 19.

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