Facing changes due to recent regulations, a downtown Oneonta business is finding itself having to pivot into other areas, and is seeking crowdfunding to do so.

LUXX Whitening Studio, owned by Heather Sharpe, has been in operation for just over two years offering varied services such as teeth whitening, tooth gems, and permanent jewelry. Sharpe is also a makeup artist, working in local film and stage productions.

Sharpe has always had a servant's heart, and that carries over to her work. "Ever since I was a little girl, helping people was what I did. It was what I had to do. It was what I was born into doing. Whether it was looking out for my siblings, and helping to take care of them, or to when I served patients lovingly as a nurse. My spirit heart carries over to how I raise my children. I've also been involved with helping the survivors of abuse recover and improve their lives - that spirit carries over to everything I do at LUXX."

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While at first glance, the work she does may seem superficial, but the end result is always to improve people's lives. "Every client that passed through my studio, in one way or another has rediscovered their smile. It's the first thing others see, and to be a part of restoring people's confidence is what drives me each and every day" Sharpe said.

LUXX Whitening Studio via Facebook
LUXX Whitening Studio via Facebook

With recent state regulations, that is about to change. "I will no longer be able to offer teeth whitening and gems, and therefore need to pivot. I'm going to be adding inkless stretch mark revision & scar lightening, also known as paramedical tattooing to LUXX's service menu."

Inkless stretch mark revision & scar lightening is a technique created to help clients heal from experiences that may leave them with a changed physical appearance such as scars & stretch marks. For example, women who suffered mastectomy as a result of cancer, or someone who has recovered from gender-affirming surgery, as well as those with self-harm injuries would benefit from Inkless Stretch Mark Revision & Scar Lightening.

Sharpe says this service is life changing, and will change the lives of many in the area. Due to a sudden loss of income from having to remove services, she is seeking the help of the community via a GoFundMe effort to raise funds for the pivot.

“I need the help of our local community to continue to help others, within and surrounding our community.” Sharpe said.

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