Get ready for some cuteness overload.

Gold Dust Woman is billed as the ultimate tribute show, celebrating the career of Stevie Nicks. The band plays a mix of Nicks' solo work, and that of Fleetwood Mac. Tribute shows can sometimes be caricatures of the original artists, but Gold Dust Woman does a really nice job of capturing the music and spirit of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. Tribute shows give people a chance to get up close and personal with music they love at a fraction of the cost of attending an arena or amphitheater show.

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At the July 28th show at the Foothills Performing Arts center in Oneonta, Gold Dust Woman singer Janet Soluri seems to have met her match in the form of a kindergartner named Eli. During the show, Janet noticed Eli getting down right at her feet. Soluri had this to say on the band's Facebook page:

"Eli was dancing throughout the entire show, in front of the stage, with his mom and her friends. He just won our hearts over. Our drummer Tommy Stiegler, gave him his drumsticks at the end of the show."
This past Monday, as Eli was getting ready for school, his mom Amanda asked him what he'd like to bring in for show and tell. Eli chose to bring the drumsticks Tommy presented him with in July. Little did he know there was a giant surprise in store for him. Gold Dust Woman had gotten together and got him and electric guitar, signed by each member of the band. It's safe to say he had the coolest show and tell item of the year!
On meeting Eli, Soluri commented:
"I hope perhaps, that being at our show that night, will stir something with Eli someday, to want to play an instrument or do anything musical!!! GOLD DUST WOMAN Loves you, Eli"

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