Sometimes it is hard to think of mega successful businesses as being local.

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What we think of are the "mom and pop" businesses or the small places int he hole in the wall locations that we just wouldn't want to live without.

But every brand started out that way. Certain fortunes lined up and hard work met opportunity and companies continue to grow until they become national or internationally recognized brands.

So, New York, which is your favorite?

Financial services website OnDeck decided to test out to see which local brands each state held in highest regard.

Using AI and twitter mentions that were positive, they reached their conclusions.

New York, it turns out we love our underwear.

Calvin Klein ranked as the top brand to come out of New York based on positive mentions.

Calvin, the man not the brand, was indeed born in New York City in 1942. Calvin Klein, the brand not the man, is housed in NYC as it has been since 1968.

Other favorites by state included the highest ranking Vermont with Darn Tough Vermont. The sock maker had over 92% satisfaction based on the findings. Washington's Funko, maker of odd little figurines of all your favorite intellectual properties, got just over 60% approval so the numbers Vermont pulled are pretty impressive. Can the socks be that amazing? Can any socks be amazing? Maybe I am missing out.

Until then, no one comes between New Yorkers and their Calvins. Home grown and shared with the world, as it should be.

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