Who's paying the most for a gallon of gas in New York State as prices start to increase? The answer may surprise you.

Prices at the pumps are on the rise now that Spring has arrived. At least in most of the country anyway. It may be Spring on the calendar, but it's yet to arrive in New York where more than a foot of snow fell in the first week of the season.

That didn't stop the gas price hike in the Empire State though.

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Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

National Average

The national average for a gallon of gas is up to  $3.53, according to AAA. That's  25 cents more than a month ago and nearly 10 cents more than a year ago. Surprisingly the average is a little less in New York at $3.42, at least in parts of the state anyway.

Who's paying the most in New York? It's not those living in Nassau County or Long Island where a gallon is around $3.35.

It's not even at the pumps in the Big Apple where it's a little higher for gas at $3.61 a gallon. But it's still not home to the highest in the state.

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Where is the highest gas price? That honor goes to Hamilton County where it's almost 20 cents more for a gallon than anywhere else in the state.

$3.73 in Hamilton County
$3.64 in Essex
$3.63 in St Lawrence County
$3.62 in Westchester County

Credit - AAA
Credit - AAA

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