Will Levis is already making an impact off the field during this rookie season thanks to his rather odd coffee habits.

The Tennessee Titans quarterback prefers his morning coffee mixed with mayonnaise.

The mayo isn't on bread or eggs. Levis is known for putting it right into his coffee.

How Did Will Levis Start Putting Mayonnaise In Coffee?

According to Field Level Media, Levis was called out on social media for his unusual meal habits prior to the 2023 NFL draft.

The website reports Levis not only drinks coffee with a touch of mayonnaise, but he also chows down on bananas with the peel intact.

The 24-year-old who is slotted to back up Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill this season is now getting paid for his odd coffee prep routine.

Levis signed a lifetime deal to be a brand ambassador for Hellmann's Mayonnaise this week.

"That video went viral, and I raised some eyebrows from that," Levis told USA Today Sports. "From there, mayonnaise has been irreplaceable with me and my brand."

Why Do People Put Mayonnaise In Coffee?

According to BaristaHQ.com, there are several reasons coffee drinkers might prefer a shot of mayo in their morning brew.

"One reason is the added creaminess that mayonnaise can bring to the cup, similar to how butter or buttermilk is often added to coffee, especially amongst the keto crowd," the website states.

BaristaHQ goes on to say others may simply do it for the taste and texture, but warns against adding mayonnaise to hot liquids altogether.

"Mayo is a viscous substance that is not meant to be mixed with hot liquids, and even it mixed, it will not reach homogenous status," the website reports.

Sounds like a small price to pay to make it to the NFL and get a lifetime endorsement deal. (NOTE: We do not recommend adding mayonnaise to your coffee. Leave it to the professionals)

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