You know those days when you just want to sit down and relax with an ice cold beer, creamy chocolate cake and a scoop of mayonnaise?

While you might think that would leave an odd taste in your mouth, one brewery is banking of the unlikely flavor combo to be a hit among beer drinkers.

What's In Mayo Chocolate Cake Beer?

Angry Chair Brewing is based in Tampa, Florida, and is known for its unique selection of beers. There's Grandma's Dried Up Raisin Stout with cinnamon, raisins and vanilla beans. The sour-tasting Yellow Puffs combines passionfruit, guava and marshmallow.

A chocolate cake that is made with Duke's Mayonnaise is the muse for the brewery's latest dessert-inspired drink. The recipe on Duke's website calls for a cup and a half of mayonnaise to the cake's batter.

Angry Chair is replicating the taste of the mayonnaise cake in beer form using coconut, cacao, marshmallow and vanilla beans.

A video shared by the brewery on social media shows a dark beer being slowly poured into a Duke's Mayonnaise jar.

'Mayo Gods Have Finally Spoken'

The announcement of the stout's impending arrival on social media drew some confused reactions from beer enthusiasts. Some even questioned the validity of the post.

"I'm assuming this post was supposed to be scheduled for April 1st," Nicholas Bluth commented on the Facebook post introducing the beer.

Among the GIFs and comments questioning the flavor's existence are people who love them some mayonnaise chocolate cake and can't wait to drink their dessert.

"The mayo gods have finally spoken," Alexandria Krista-Lynn Asti said.

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