If you reflect on your life, what teacher stuck with you over the years? What teacher do you wonder about…think about, and what teacher taught you things that stick with you today? 

You may not remember exactly what your teachers said over the years, but I bet you remember how they made you feel.

Teachers have one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and they are too often overlooked for what they do for our community. Every nurse, doctor, cop, firefighter, journalist, painter, and Tim Horton’s employee has had a teacher in their life that has taught them a lesson beyond the classroom. 

My dad has been a teacher for over 30 years, and growing up, I had the privilege to watch all the hard work that he puts into his job (and yes, even in the summer months when everyone thinks you’re “off”). 

Teaching licenses have to get renewed, students come into your room after school and you stay longer to make sure they’re ok, and not to mention – these teachers had to learn a whole new kind of a classroom just to keep kids in school during the pandemic.

Teachers help bring up the next generation of young adults, and while we appreciate all teachers, there are some that have made a clear lasting impact on their students…even after they graduate!

There are things that teachers go through that none of us could even fathom. For example, did you know a majority of teachers pay for their school supplies themselves?

Even though the 2024 school year may be coming to an end, these teachers deserve some additional recognition. 

We asked for teacher nominations that deserve to be inducted into the Western New York Teacher Hall of Fame, and while all of our teachers are saints, only a select few make it into the Hall of Fame.

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As of May 8, 2024, three more teachers have been inducted into the Western New York Teacher Hall of Fame, joining 15 previous inductees. 

The following teachers are hereby inducted into the Western New York Teacher Hall of Fame:

Western New York Teacher Hall Of Fame

There are so many teachers who have done so much for our community that it goes way beyond the classroom, so the creation of the Western New York Teacher Hall of Fame is long overdue.

Please help us congratulate the following teachers for being officially inducted into the Western New York Teacher Hall Of Fame.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Public Domain School Logos

Congratulations to the three newest inductees into the WNY Teacher Hall of Fame: Mr. Don Rodgers, Mrs. Bartoo, and Mr. Charles Moden (posthumously). These three teachers have left a lasting impact of their students and have far exceeded the four walls in a classroom.

A huge shoutout to all the teachers in Western New York! You have one of the hardest jobs in the world, and you deserve so much more credit than you get.

 Western New York Teacher Hall Of Fame on 106.5 WYRK is a specific honor, solely based on nominations from people in the community. Nominations will be open again in May 2025 during Teacher Appreciation Week.

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