It is back.

The popular 'Roll Up The Rim' promotion is back and it goes all the way through Sunday, March 31. You are going to have an extra couple of weeks to redeem and 'Roll Up The Rim'. The contest is back only on the app--you'll be 'rolling' digitally.

This year you can win tons of different prizes from a car, a vacation, tons of gift cards, the popular beaver pool float, free coffee and so much more.

There are a few interesting rules that you should note for the coffee chain's 60th anniversary. They are celebrating their 60th anniversary, so if you buy 60 coffees during 'Roll Up The Rim' you will get a FREE 10-pack of Tim bits.

Additionally, Tim Hortons has had to cap how many times that you can 'Roll Up The Rim' at 150. Obviously, they are able to track on the app. Now, that seems like a lot, but there are some people that share accounts.

EXTRA: Have you ever wondered why it says DO NOT MICROWAVE on your coffee cup from Tim Hortons? Because we all do it, but what actually happens if you do it. Most microwaves seem okay to do so, but there's other microwaves, especially older ones, that will actually start to burn a hole in the bottom.

Roll Up The Rim Food and beverage prizes must be redeemed prior to store close on April 17. The last day to buy a coffee with the Roll Up The Rim is the very last day of the month.

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