The winter is chugging along and the cold, flu and COVID season are also in full effect here in New York State. Just last week, there was a report that the CDC may suggest that some people get another COVID booster this coming spring. However, a new report about vaccines has caught the attention of many.

We are approaching the fourth anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and looking back, it all seems like a blur. As slow the time seemed to go when we were dealing with restrictions, and closures and regulations, it is already four years since the fears began and we have learned so much about COVID.

But the focus, for some, has turned to what the lasting impact of the vaccine for COVID is or will be. There are some who believe that perhaps the vaccine was rushed and some may have some side effect as a result.

There are also studies being done on how getting vaccinated can help babies.

There are some laws and rule changes that we were given here in New York State that are being extended. Just this week, there were reports that a "booze to go" law will be extended.

As we wait to see what the next chapter of the COVID story will be, this may be a good time to review your germ fighting tactics. Washing hands, covering coughs and wearing a mask are all things that can help.

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