The Buffalo Zoo does some really incredible work. Actually, all of the zoos across the United States do great things for the advancement of animals. If you have gone to the Buffalo Zoo lately, it's a pretty fun place, especially with Illumination going on all summer long. But, there is one thing that I think needs to be changed.

I don't know how many other cities are named after animals in the United States, especially cities with zoos, but how could we miss such an opportunity?

The Buffalo Zoo, should have the Buffaloes RIGHT IN FRONT when you walk in! Doesn't that seem like a miss? When people walk into the BUFFALO ZOO, they should be greeted by the BUFFALO.

They are all the way in the back. When I say in the back, I mean, they can't really get any further away from the front. When we were talking about this on Clay & Company someone suggested that it is not a horrible idea that they are in the back because people walking in Delaware Park. From the park, you can walk right by the Buffalo exhibit.


But, it isn't like the Buffalo are featured on the back side of the zoo, by the park. You can hardly see them on some days.

Where did the City of Buffalo get its name? It's actually named after the river, which of course was named after the animal.

All the theories agree that Buffalo, the city, took its name from Buffalo Creek, now called the Buffalo River. The name of Buffalo Creek first appeared on a map drawn ca. 1762 by Lt. George Demler, who was stationed at Fort Niagara at the time", according to the Buffalo History Museum.

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