Can we really call it a January thaw if it was never really that frozen around here? The winter has been weird to say the least and as we get ready to say goodbye to the first month of 2023, we are headed in to February with some strange fluctuation in the temperatures.

The ski resorts and snowmobile clubs have had a frustrating season thus far and it doesn't look to be improving anytime soon. I guess some might say that it IS improving if you love the spring?

By the end of the upcoming week, there will be bitterly cold air that plunges the temperature to well below zero for portions of Cattaraugus County in Western New York. As the photo below indicates, there will be an arctic plunge followed by a 40 degree rise in warmth!

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It is all part of the back-and-forth patter we have seen all season. I was just on a trip to Tug Hill, north of Watertown, for a snowmobile trip. The conditions were not ideal and our trip was not as long as previous years do to the lack of snow. That is brutal for the economy that relies on tourism in the winter. The bars and restaurants are still trying to dig out from the mess that COVID restrictions left behind the last two seasons. The truth is, they need cold and snow to help bring dollars in.

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