The United States Border Patrol Office in Buffalo, New York, has a rare invitation for those who want to get a closer look at what they do.

The Border Patrol has been busy here in the Western New York area recently. While most eyes are on what is happening in Texas and the laws that are in being challenged in the Lone Star State, the border has been active between the United States and Canada.

If you have ever wanted to become an agent, or have an interest in learning more about what the Border Patrol does on a daily basis, or what the training is like, here is the chance you need.

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According to a news release that we received, The Border Patrol is hosting a citizens training class. "Academy students will learn about the Border Patrol, Office of Field Operations (formerly U.S. Customs Service) and Air and Marine Operations (AMO). Classes will begin June 1, students will receive training and experience the duties and mission of a Border Patrol agent, CBP officer, and AMO agent, over a five-week period".

Just last week, there was another arrest made near Buffalo. It was noted that four people were arrested after being caught trying to sneak in on the International Railroad Bridge near Buffalo, NY.

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"The three men were taken to the Buffalo Station and processed. During processing, Border Patrol agents were able to identify that the woman and two men were from India and the third man was from the Dominican Republic".

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