After a long Fourth of July Weekend for many of us in Western New York, it's hard to believe we're on the cusp of another weekend.

It's already Thursday, which means that many people will be venturing out to bars and restaurants over the next three days and nights.

One thing you will notice if you walk outside today though is the heat.

Highs on Thursday will be in the upper '80s and it feels humid when you open your front door. Normally, sitting and relaxing on a patio is nice in the summer but when it's this hot, perhaps staying indoors is the best course of action.

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One famous Buffalo restaurant and bar was forced to close on Thursday and it was likely due to the heat.

Nine-Eleven Tavern announced on Facebook that they will be closed on Thursday, July 6th due to their coolers being broken. They say that the intense heat is to blame for the coolers and the surprising closure.

They do add that they should be able to reopen by this weekend.

If you have ever been to Nine-Eleven, it's small but amazing.

They're only open from 4:30-8:30 for food service. They have a patio in the back and many Buffalonians place them in the top five for wings in all of Western New York. Their traditional medium is what they're most famous for.

Located on Bloomfield Avenue in South Buffalo.

There is a heat advisory in some parts of New York state. Stay hydrated, limit your time outdoors and keep an eye on your pets.

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