Just because Buffalo and the Western New York area is more affordable than most other top 60 markets in the country, does not mean there are no million-dollar homes in this region.

There are plenty of high-profile properties that are on the market at any given time; not to mention all the ones that are not on the market.

Yes, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and other cities are generally more expensive and have more million-dollar homes, but if you drive to the north towns, south towns and even east of the Buffalo metro...you will find some absolute gems.

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If you have $2 million, then this property for sale in Niagara County could be for you.

Listed on Zillow for just a shade under $2 million, this property in Newfane features six bedrooms and five bathrooms. It's over 5,300 square feet in space, with what is easily one of the most elegant and jaw-dropping backyards we have seen in Western New York.

It's got a huge, heated in-ground pool with a gigantic patio. There's a spa as well, with an outdoor kitchen and entertainment bar. The patio and outdoor table areas look like something from a Hollywood movie set in Los Angeles.

The kitchen has granite counters and tons of space. The bedrooms have tons space and there's an unbelievable six of them. There's even a tea room with window walls that overlook the property. It's like an endless stream of amenities and rooms.

Check out some photos.

$2 Million Mansion For Sale in Niagara County

This $2 million mansion in Western New York is absolutely stunning. Step inside.

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This $2.4 million mansion in Clarence comes with its very own lake.

Million-Dollar "Boat House" For Sale in Western New York

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