There is a long stretch of 90 that is going to get repaved that is going to take a LONG TIME to finish.

The stretch of the 90 will be under construction for about 40 miles when it is all said and done. Work is expected to be completed in 2025.

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the start of a $19 million infrastructure improvement project on the Thruway (I-90) in Albany and Schenectady Counties. The project includes full and partial depth repairs on approximately 40 lane miles located just east of exit 25 (Schenectady - I-890 - NY Routes 7 & 146) and east of exit 26 (Schenectady - Scotia - I-890 - NY Routes 5 & 5S). Approximately 40,000 motorists use this section of I-90 in both directions every day", according to the New York State Governor's website.


  • It is expected to cost about 19 million dollars for the repaving.
  • The construction and repaving will effect lane closures and slow down traffic.
  • Albany and Schenectady is where the the paving will occur starting in 2024.

Interesting FACTS about the New York State Thruway:

  • The Authority’s 2024 Budget invests a total of $451 million to support its Capital Program,
  • The Thruway is about 2,800 lane miles long.
  • There are 817 bridges on the New York State Thruway.

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