This is fourth anniversary of the COVID Pandemic and the shutdowns and regulations in New York State. Although there are new guidelines from the CDC and it seems to not be a major issue, COVID is still around and New York State is still encouraging certain people to get vaccinated.

The COVID Pandemic now seems like a blur. However, at it's peak, you may have wondered if it would ever end? There are still people working from home, people still wearing masks and still a few things that have not gone back to the way they were pre-pandemic. Some things are back to normal and even bigger than ever. For example, gathering in large groups. If you go to a concert this year, don't be surprised if the crowds are bigger than ever.

But in an effort to get more people to get a COVID vaccine, New York State now suggests that it is not only good for your health, it is good for your IQ!

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The CDC now suggests that COVID patients have to worry less about being in public.

Four years later, it is amazing how much we know about COVID and how to respond/react to it. Looking back, you have to wonder if some of the shutdowns and restrictions were actually worth it or necessary.

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