Have you ever driven by a house and wondered what it had inside that made it so expensive?  Check out this $3M home and see why it costs what it does.

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Have you ever seen what someone is asking for a house and thought, "there's no way that house is worth that much money."

We aren't real estate agents, but after looking at this place just outside Rochester, NY in Pittsford, I don't think anyone could say that about it.  It's expensive, but it has a ton of stuff in it. There are still a few inflated prices for homes in Western New York, but honestly, this house has just about everything.


You'd almost never need to leave home for entertainment here.  It's got everything from an indoor pool, and outdoor pool, a game room, a wine cellar, a movie theater, and even a golf simulator!

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

You'll find it on Zillow by searching 26 Wessex Ct. Pittsford, NY.  It's a 6 bedroom/10 bath home that's over 12,000 square feet.  Each bedroom has it's own full bath. That's a huge house!  There are plenty of spaces to park too.  With 4 garage spaces, the house is situated on 2.8 acres of land.

It's already been through one rebuild.  It was built in 1991 but then was reimagined or rebuilt in 2005.  There's even an elevator to get you from one floor to the other.

Outside there's an incredible 1200 square foot terrace to lounge on and for the golfers, there are 3 approach tees and a golf green.

How much is it?

It's been on Zillow for less than a month.  They're asking $2,999,999. So if you've been stashing away 3 million dollars for a rainy day, this one might be one you're going to want to move on.  For the rest of us that don't have that kind of money...it's still fun to dream.

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