Josh Allen has a 'Buffalo' drinking game that he plays and it is one that you and your friends will find yourself playing this Summer.

NFL quarterbacks Josh Allen, Kyle Allen, and Sam Darnold were playing golf against social media stars Bobby Fairways, Joey Coldcuts, Fat Perez when Josh Allen let us in on a little secret drinking "game" that he plays with his friends. You can see the video below, but here is basically what happens.

It's simple.

It is called Buffalo. Everyone in the room or playing has to hold a drink, but you have to hold it in your LEFT hand. The minute that you move the drink to your right hand accidentally, you have to drink your drink. Josh Allen says that you have to drink your entire drink, but that could get a lot. Good luck and be safe. Maybe don't chug them all, but only take a sip instead.

This was an absolutely fun match to watch. The Buffalo calling on the drinking is something I will be playing soon with the boys. So many clutch shots. Amazing watch and hilarious content. Love it guys!", wrote one YouTuber.

ICYMI: Last year during preseason Josh Allen got a little annoyed with a fan. Someone dropped this on Josh Allen and looked both confused and mad. According to some fans, Josh repeatedly said "not cool".

The Buffalo Bills hosted a scrimmage at Highmark Stadium and tons of fans stayed after practice in hopes to get some gear signed. Josh Allen was jogging into the tunnel to make his way to the locker room when one young fan dropped a football that hit his neck.

Take a look at the video here.

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