The housing market is getting crazy out there, and if you are in the market for selling your home, you have to do what you can to make your property stand out among the rest. 

One house threw in an extra perk to their recent “for sale” listing, and it’s quickly catching everyone’s attention in Western New York. 

Close to the intersection of Alaska St. and William St. in Cheektowaga, there is a house that is adding pizza into the conversation. 

Just east of Doyle House Co. #1, the “For Sale” sign outside of the house on William St. has a new sign in red and white lettering. It reads: “FREE PIZZA WITH PURCHASE OF HOUSE.” 

Okay, so normally when an employer throws a pizza party to celebrate the team’s success, it’s not as exciting as a bonus, right? However, I like the way this seller is thinking….

Think about it – you finally buy your first home, you move in all the boxes…are you seriously going to want to cook dinner? Absolutely not. Give me the pizza and let’s celebrate our first dinner in our new home! 

It’s a great way to sweeten the deal, but all we know about this house so far is the image that was posted by The Cheektowaga Scanner on Facebook. 

I attempted to find the house listing on Zillow, and it looks like this house may be the one that offers “FREE PIZZA.” 

Priced at only $150,000, which is significantly cheaper than most other houses in the market, the home address appears to be 2238 William St, Cheektowaga, NY. In the Zillow description, it says the house is ready “for endless design possibilities” and they are just waiting for the right owner to take advantage of this property’s full potential. 

Take a look at some of the pictures of the Zillow property below. 

FOR SALE: This House Offers Free Pizza When You Buy It

Take a look at this house for sale on William St...which offers free pizza with the purchase!

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Canva Image, Getty Image

To request a tour (and verify the “free pizza”), you can click here.  

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