The entire city's thoughts are with our men and women with the Buffalo Fire Department today. Buffalo Fire Officials confirmed that a 37-year old Buffalo firefighter lost his life today in that horrific fire, 4 alarm fire in downtown Buffalo

Pat McMahon/Canva
Pat McMahon/Canva

My dad was a Buffalo firefighter all over the City for over 30 years. As the son, you always worry when you hear there's a fire and your someone is working. It is one of the most selfless jobs in the world. There is literally a burning building, and a ton of different things could go sideways, but they still go in there. To make sure that we are safe.

Sometimes I think about some of the crazy calls that the Buffalo Fire Department got--the the shootings downtown, the major fires, the building collapses, the explosions, the overdoses....all the way to the house calls, the CPR calls, the 'somethings in my house calls' and the 'there's a cat in the tree calls'. It is kind of surreal when you think there are people that put their life on the line for ours.

That WE, us everyday people, get home to our loved ones. It's a job that they don't think twice about when they gear up and go walk right into a fire. Sometimes I think we forget how selfless that really is.

Our hearts are heavy today and our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the firefighter who lost their life today, every single woman and man in the Buffalo Fire Department, and every person that has a loved one in any type of service.

Massive Fire In Downtown Buffalo

A large structure fire overtakes a four-story building on Main Street in Downtown Buffalo on March 1st,