The Buffalo Bandits have just won yet another national championship.  How is it that no Buffalo brewery has done this with them yet?

It never fails.  Anytime you say something about how Buffalo just can't win a championship when it comes down to it, a Bandits fan will remind you that the Buffalo Bandits have won multiple championships.

They are the back-to-back NLL (National Lacrosse League) Champions again after beating Albany in just two games last Saturday night.  They're one of the only Buffalo teams to do it (I know, the Buffalo Beauts won when they were here and the Bills won a championship before they entered the NFL).

It's an honest question.  Why do the Bandits not have their own beer yet?

It's a pretty common thing to go into a grocery store in Western New York and find a beer from a local brewery with a spin on a Buffalo Bills or Sabres phrase for a name (Let's Go Pills, Pills Mafia, etc).  There are multiple beers for current and former Bills players (and former Sabres).

Yet no one has made a beer for the Bandits or their fans.  How is this possible?  Is it a licensing issue or something?

If you've ever met Bandits fans, you know that they are a rowdy bunch.  They show up for their team just like Bills Mafia shows up for theirs.  I'm not sure what kind of market research needs to be done or if any has been done already but it seems like a slam dunk from the outside.

The question is, which Buffalo brewery is going to be the first to jump in and do it?

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