If the Bills win, here is when they will play next week.

The Buffalo Bills will take on the Steelers later on today at 4:30 PM at Highmark Stadium. It is probably a good idea that it was postponed for safety reasons. But, the Bills have a much better chance of beating the Steelers when the conditions aren't THAT much of a factor.

The Buffalo Bills are the 10 point favorite going into the game. If the Bills win, they will play at 6:30 pm next Sunday.

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The Bills will host the Kansas City Chiefs. This would only heat up the rivalry, as the Bills always had to travel to Arrowhead for post season games. This would be the first time ever in Cheifs' quarterback Patrick Mahones career that he wouldn't host a playoff game besides the Super Bowl.

The NFL announced the divisional round times on social media. You can see the picture below.