Big changes are happening at Target by the end of the summer all across New York State. Some of the Targets have already started launching the new program. Now, you can pull right up to a spot and bring back the item you are trying to return. Someone will come out and retrieve the item for you and you don't ever have to leave your car.

You’ll soon be able to skip the line or the mailbox and pull right in — to your nearest Target Drive Up spot", said Target on their corporate website.

The current return policy is that you are able to return an item within 90 days (for most items). If it is a Target brand item, you are able to return it up to one-year after purchase. That is the same policy for when the local Targets will start offering the drive-up returns.

This is huge news for parents that may have kids in the car, people who may not want to leave the car due to a disability, or even someone who wants to skip the line because they are tight on time.

This is the latest new initiative that Target has rolled out. Earlier this year, Target announced that customers would be able to start adding their Starbucks orders to their purchases and that someone from Target would deliver that to their car when they are waiting in one of their pickup spots.

Of course, for both of these new features, customers will have to make sure that they have the Target app downloaded to have these experiences.

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