The Hancock Partners, a group of volunteer business leaders from the community,
see Hancock as a “diamond in the rough” and they’ve planned a public meeting
for 6:00 PM on Wednesday, November 28. 2018 at the Hancock Central School to
layout their vision. They will also unveil the first of several videos that market the

That vision includes an economic revitalization and marketing program under the
banner of “Imagine Hancock.” The goals are to:

1. Build on Hancock’s assets, including its history, geography, natural resources
and people,

2. Make Hancock more proactive for those would reside in the area, invest in it
or visit it, and

3. Market Hancock as a place to live, invest and visit.

Gerald DaBrescia, a member of the Hancock Partners says this:
“Imagine Hancock” will build on what has gone before. We have a rich
industrial history in logging, mining, railroading and wood products
manufacturing, unique businesses, all kinds of outdoor recreational
opportunities, an historic school, beautiful town square, scenic highway and
the Upper Delaware National Scenic & Recreational River.

The video to be unveiled is one of several the Partners hope to get produced and
DaBrescia says he thinks it will stimulate pride in Hancock by those who live in the
community as well as help in marketing it to others:

The meeting will start promptly at 6:00 PM and end no later than 7:30 PM.  All are welcome.

For more information call 607-725-6081