The cost to heat your home is going through the roof this winter. The Governor is warning New Yorkers of higher prices, which could be more than double previous months, and is asking utility companies to work with customers before disconnecting service.

Letters have been sent to all of New York's major electric and gas utilities requiring them to increase their outreach and education efforts with New Yorkers on the continuing surge in energy supply prices.

"The extreme utility bill increases all of us are seeing are having a serious impact on our household budgets, and in response, we are taking action," Governor Hochul said. "I have directed the Department of Public Service to ensure all the major electric and gas utilities in the state work with customers, and in particular, our most vulnerable residents to protect them from volatile pricing and educate them about resources available to them."

The cost of natural gas continues to rise, resulting in higher heating bills, sometimes more than double previous months for many New Yorkers.

These bill increases are being driven by a global increase in natural gas commodity prices due to higher domestic usage because of colder-than-normal weather, increased economic activity, and increased international demand for natural gas.

There is help available from the state:

  • The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP): Up to $751 is provided to eligible homeowners and renters depending on income, household size, and how they heat their homes. A family of four may have a maximum gross monthly income of $5,249, or an annual gross income of $62,983, and still qualify for benefits.
  • New York State is also providing $250 million in additional federal funding to help low-income households pay heating utility arrears up to $10,000 per household.
  • $90 million in federal funding through Emergency HEAP was made available to help low- and middle-income New Yorkers avoid having their home heating disconnected.
  • Bill Payment Options: Residential consumers can inquire with their utility provider about billing options that allow for deferred payments or 'budget billing' to even out utility bills that are higher in one season and lower in another.

Customers can also enroll in energy efficiency programs to help reduce energy consumption, and lower bills over time. Learn more at

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