Hartwick College Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair Dr. Stefanie Rocknak will be presented the Alex J. Ettl Grant from the National Sculpture Society at the organization’s annual Sculpture Celebration Conference in New York City this weekend. The annual award is given to a figurative or realist sculptor who has demonstrated a commitment to sculpting and outstanding ability in his or her body of work.

Rocknak’s grant includes an unrestricted $5,000 cash award, a half-page ad in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine (worth $2,150), and a quarter-page ad in Sculpture Review (worth $545).

“I am thrilled to have been selected as the 2019 Ettl Grant recipient,” Rocknak said. “I especially look forward to working with Fine Art Connoisseur and Sculpture Review; it will be an honor to have my work included in these publications.”

Rocknak included images of artwork, including the now-famous sculpture titled “Poe Returning to Boston,” for Ettl Grant consideration. Her piece “The King” is featured in Sculpture Review’s promotion of the conference and the grant winners.

Upon announcement of the winners last November, Ettl Grant Jurist Wesley Wofford noted, “Stefanie Rocknak has a distinctive body of work that transcends anatomy and form to elicit a tangible emotional response in the viewer. She uses the art of emotion as a way of communicating an idea or narrative that goes beyond the academic and becomes unique in her individuality. Her public works have a strong conceptual approach that is dynamic and thought provoking. We are proud to award her this grant to invest in more explorations of her vision.”

This is the first Ettl Grant for Rocknak, and the latest accolade for the renowned artist whose work is routinely featured in galleries and in industry press.

For more information on the Ettl Grant, visit the National Sculpture Society website [https://nationalsculpture.org/programs-awards/ettl-grant/] or Facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/122541823957/posts/10157532518288958?s=704663520&sfns=mo].

For more on Rocknak’s artwork, visit www.steffrocknak.net.