So all during Halloween our radio station has had a big bowl of candy to hand out to those who visited us (and for the DJs to snack on).  As the bowl emptied we would refill if.  Our source was one of those giant bags of mixed candies.  We filled it every other day it seemed.  And on Halloween day we filled it several times as the little costumed kiddies came by, reached their tiny hands in to the bowl and fished out their favorites.

The bowl contained min Milky Ways, Snickers, Poppers, peanut butter cups, Almond Joys, and all the other goodies.

So, fast forward to today, Monday Nov. 5.  I came in early this morning and saw the candy bowl left over from Halloween.  I had a bit of a chocolate urge so I looked inside to see if there was anything left.  All I saw was a handful of Jolly Ranchers.  That was it (see photo).  Not a smiidge of chocolate left.  Jolly Ranchers?  I had never even had one before.  So I wanted to see why these candies were shunned like they were poison over the last few days.

Again, I had never had one.  I unwrapped it and found a weird consistency of sticky softness and tangy hardness (cherry).  I bit into it and immediately found that this was not for me, or for my teeth!  WOW!

So my Jolly Rancher headed for the garbage can.

Not a fan.......