In the list of iconic Upstate New York food treats one would have to place our beloved apple cider donuts and halfmoon cookies.

You can get the cookies all year long, of course, but the apple cider donuts are something we long for when autumn is in full bloom in our beautiful region.  From in store bakeries, to farm markets, to mom-and-pop roadside stands, these donuts are the hallmark of our prettiest season.

This is a list of some of the best places to get each of these New York treats.  Now, before you start asking where your favorite place to get a cider donut or halfmoon cookie, remember that there are literally hundreds of places to get them.

So, while this is just a short sampler to consider, please feel free to give a shout out to your favorite location on our Facebook page.  We really do want to hear from you!

Each of these entries has a link to the business so be sure and check it out for autumn hours.  And also, take a look at these mouthwatering photographs.  Wow.  And while we we are at it....who ever came up with the idea of an apple cider donut slushie?  Whoever you are, THANK YOU!!

Cider Donuts and Halfmoon Cookies: An Upstate New York Tradition

When frost is on the pumpkin and the leaves start putting on a show, it is time for Upstate New York to enjoy the splendors of a beautiful autumn.

No fall season is complete without two of our favorite treats: apple cider donuts and halfmoon cookies. I know you can get fresh squeezed cider during this season only, and you can get halfmoon cookies all year long, but lets face it. Neither tastes as good as when you get them from a roadside market or farm store in October!

There are hundreds of places where you can get these seasonal treats. Here is a sampler of "what is out there."

YUMMY!! Dip Your Donut At Any of these 13 Top Upstate New York Donut Shops

So what is your pleasure? Glazed? Cinnamon? Powdered Sugar? Or do you just revel in the nostalgia of a fresh, hot plain cake donut just like Grandma once made?

In this age of Krispy Kremes and Dunkin' Donuts on every corner in America (it seems) there is something to be said, something to be treasured about a mom-and-pop donut shop that has been around for 25, or even 30 years.

Here is a list of 13 of the best ones in Upstate New York