Have you heard the term "grandparent scam"? A more general term would be a "confidence scheme". This is when someone, often an elderly person, is being swindled. Usually the victim's trust is won so that the con artist can get money out of them.

Beware New York! This con has hit our state and our family, friends and neighbors could lose big sums of money.

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The New York State Police are asking for your assistance with finding the person or persons involved in a "grandparent scam" on November 17, 2021 in Broome County. The victim in this case was taken advantage of causing significant monetary loss.

In this particular instance, the victim received a phone call from someone claiming to be their grandson. The individual's story was that they had been arrested in New York City and they needed money to be bailed out of jail. Feeling worried and concerned the grandparent agreed to get the money.

The swindler then told the grandparent not to tell anyone and that his lawyer would stop by their house to collect the money. A short time later a vehicle arrived and a man got out, went to the door, collected the money and was gone. If you have any information, contact SP Binghamton at (607)775-1241.

According to the FBI, there are several scams that target the elderly. Here are a few to be aware of:

  • Romance Scam -  Criminals pose as interested romantic partners on social media or dating websites to capitalize on their elderly victims’ desire to find companions.
  • Home Repair Scam - Criminals appear in person and charge in advance for repairs they never do.
  • Government Impersonation Scam - Criminals pose as government officials demanding payment or the victim will be arrested or prosecuted.

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