Meet Jeff Thorne (below).  He was one of our circus tickets winners who headed to Worcester to see the Walker International Events "Circus, Circus, and More" Circus this past weekend as a fundraiser for the Schenevus-Worcester Rotary.  I also went with my family.  After all, who can resist this good old fashioned form of entertainment for all ages?  Not me!

Jeff Thorne and family

I must say that the entertainment value was a little questionable at first but soon piqued my interest and when all was said and done, I thought it was a good entertainment value for families with impressive acts.

Check out my pictures below.

Alpaca (so cute!)
Master of Ceremonies and animal trainer
Clown having fun with "volunteers" from the audience (as if they had a choice!)
Juggler who impressed with juggling all kinds of things with her feet. Wow!
Under the big top

If you missed this event in Worcester and want to see this circus, Walker International is still in the region.  CLICK HERE for locations and schedule.