Because Oneonta is a college town but also a place where a lot of tourists visit, we get our share of "non-locals" and there's something we really need to share with visitors: the following are sure fire ways of cheeving those of us who live and work in Oneonta:

1  Don’t Let Other Vehicles Out In Traffic

Call us crazy but we Oneontans tend to be friendly to others which includes letting people into traffic.  So remember, this isn't New York City where driving is a cut-throat event.  It's a small town and we like our small town friendly way of doing things.

Man Expressing Road Rage
Credit: ARENA Creative

2  Walk Right Out In Front Of Traffic To Cross The Street Like You Own The Place

Walkers do not have the right of way in Oneonta!  There are certain places where that is the case like on college campuses but not around town.

Man on pedestrian crossing in autumn, in danger of being hit by car

3  Telling Us There’s Nothing To Do Around Here

With two colleges, Foothills Performing Arts Center, music venues, movies, and countless community group events, there is more than enough to keep people busy.  If you think there's nothing to do, then you aren't looking hard enough.

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

4  Vomiting On The Sidewalk.  Hello!

There's nothing more that needs to be said about this but YUCK!

Drunk on Sidewalk
Credit: Tristan Scholze, Thinkstock

5  Throwing Your Garbage On The Ground In Our Town!

We love Oneonta and want to keep it looking beautiful!  So please don't trash our town by throwing your garbage on the ground.  There are plenty of waste containers around to pitch trash in.

Garbage in park
Credit: Aidon, Thinkstock