Our local fairs are meant to be a place for family fun and entertainment.  The Delaware County Fair is one of the biggest local fairs, and although it is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year for locals, the Fair also attracts those who wish to use the hurly-burly and excitement of the Fair to try and cover their bad deeds.

Sheriff Craig S. DuMond announced that a White Plains woman is facing charges after stealing merchandise from a vendor at the Delaware County Fair.

While on patrol at the Delaware County Fair on Saturday evening, August 21, 2021, Sheriff’s Deputies were summoned by a jewelry vender who reported a shoplifting in progress. Responding Deputies located the suspect at the scene attempting to shove jewelry into her pockets. Further investigation revealed that the suspect was in possession of multiple items of stolen property, as well as a number of unlawfully possessed prescription controlled substances.

Upon completion of their investigation, Sheriff’s Deputies arrested and charged 36-year old Cathleen E. Schelling, of White Plains, New York, with one count of petit larceny and one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree.

Due to New York State Bail Reform, Deputies were mandated to release Schelling on appearance tickets directing her to appear in the Village of Walton Court on a later date.

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