Tape cassettes were invented in 1962.  They were blank and really found little use in everyday America until pre-recorded music found them and started selling music tapes by the millions.  We all had them.  And (of course) the tape deck to play them on.  Both portable and in our cars.

It is hard to imagine today that cassette tapes were the hottest latest thing in music.  I had a million of them.  In fact, on my various paydays during that era, I t\would always save aside one or two dollars to go to the record store and buy me a new cassette tape.

The were small, easily translatable and sounded great when blasted from the tape deck of your dad's car.  But oh...they were cantankerous.  How many of us had the pleasure of ejecting a cassette tape from the car player, having it get stuck and then having to pull it out inch by inch until the entire tape was unspooled across the car floor.  What a pain in the deck.

And the player?  It had all the latest bells and whistles:  auto eject (see above), fast forward, rewind, auto-seek, preset levels etc.  It was great while it lasted.  I think of all the various methods of getting music (LP, 45, cassette tape, 8-Track, CD, etc) I think the cassette tape lasted the shortest length of time, just a few years.

Do you remember cassette tapes.  And while we are asking...do you still have some?