The Amish have, for generations, lived life in a self-sufficient manner in isolated communities. However, there's a curiosity about the Amish and with that curiosity has come many misconceptions, including whether or not the Amish pay taxes in New York.

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Although the Amish live a very different life than most of us, they are still American citizens. Just as the average American has to pay taxes, so do the Amish, with the exception of some.

Do the Amish Pay Property Taxes?

Absolutely. Anyone who owns land in the United States must pay property taxes, even the Amish.

Do the Amish Pay Income Taxes

Yes, Many Amish are business owners and many are self-employed and they are subject to the same laws as anyone else.

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Do the Amish Pay Social Security Taxes?

No, the Amish do not pay Social Security taxes. Because the Amish are completely self-sufficient, they provide everything they need for each other, including healthcare. So, even if an Amish person works for a non-Amish employer, they do not pay Social Security taxes.

Do the Amish Pay Sales Tax?

They sure do. Anytime an Amish person makes a purchase whether on goods or on services, they must pay sales tax.

Do the Amish Pay Gas Tax?

No. The Amish get around using horse and buggy and bicycle so they do not need to pay a gas tax.  Sometimes the Amish will take a ride in a vehicle driven by a non-Amish person and they will pay that person for transportation help. Some of their money may go toward gasoline, but the Amish are not paying for it, therefore they do not pay tax on it.

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Do the Amish Pay School Taxes?

The vast majority of Amish children are educated through the eighth grade in parochial school which is provided by their Amish community. Still, the Amish must pay school taxes even if their children do not attend public school.

Do the Amish Pay "Sin Tax?"

Sin taxes are those added to items that many people believe to be sinful such as alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. Since the Amish church prohibits the use of tobacco and alcohol as well as gambling of any sort, the Amish people don't pay sin taxes.

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