In a press release on Tuesday, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced that she had signed legislation to make it easier to be added to a company's Do-Not-Call List.

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Telemarketing calls are high on the list of my least favorite things the dawn of the internet has ever led to. I would say roughly 95% of the phone calls I receive in a given week are pre-recorded messages asking me about my car's extended warranty.

And the worst part is there's basically nothing I can do besides hang up and hope they don't call me again the next day. Sure, I could sit on the line and attempt to be added to the do-not-call list the old fashioned way but if I had to do that for every company that ever robo-called me I would literally never be off the phone.

Well thanks to the bill newly signed by Governor Hochul, telemarketers in New York will be forced to give me an option at the beginning of the call to be added to the telemarketer's do-not-call list. At last, I'll be able to tell a telemarketer to stop calling me and this time they'll legally have to listen to me.

"For too long, New Yorkers have dealt with these nuisance calls, not knowing they can avoid these interactions by being added to a telemarketer's do-not-call list," said Governor Hochul. "This new legislation will protect New Yorkers from receiving frustrating, unwanted calls by better providing information on do-not-call lists."

There's not a lot left that everybody can agree on these days, but I would challenge you to find one person that thinks being able to easily get taken off a telemarketer's call list is a bad thing. Now let us all unite in telling telemarketers right away to never contact you again.

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