Oneonta's own Dave Mattice was honored at today's meeting of Otsego County Board of Representatives. for his contributions to the National Weather Service. Dave, who is a longtime Oneonta Rotary member (and president), is committed to doing good deeds in our area and is tireless in his support for the greater Oneonta area.

Dave has been our region's official National Weather Service observer for 35 years, a remarkable achievement.  He has lent his talents, insight and expertise on "all things weather" to our local Townsquare Media radio stations for years.  Dave received commendations signed by Douglass Butts (Meteorologist in Charge, NWS Binghamton) and by Joanne LaBounty (Observation Leader, NWS Binghamton).

In their citation they declare that, "many times, observations such as yours, are used in case studies written by our meteorologists after a major event that are published in national scientific journals."

All of Oneonta is proud of our good neighbor, Dave Mattice!