Assemblyman Cliff Crouch has launched an online petition to repeal the controversial NY SAFE Act, the new gun control legislation pushed through the legislature by governor Andrew Cuomo last month.

Tuesday night in Oneonta at the citizens voices meeting, Assemblyman Crouch was asked why he is fighting to repeal this legislation.

"These are good, honest, law-abiding citizens and they are very fearful they are going to be losing their right to carry a firearm or even have firearms in some cases," Crouch said. "This is a knee-jerk reaction to some of the killings we've seen in Connecticut or Texas. We don't have what most people think of assault weapons in this state. What's here is here illegally and so passing more laws isn't going to accomplish anything."

Crouch noted that he will be participating in the NY2A Day on Feb. 28 in Albany, when a legislative day and rally are scheduled for supporters, citizens, sportsman, businesses and those who are opposed to the NY SAFE Act.