The Village of Cooperstown has reacted positively to news that the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony will be televised this year and that all other events connected to the yearly ceremony will be cancelled due to COVID19.

“We’re glad the Hall has made this call for everyone’s safety,” said Cooperstown Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh, “It’s hard on the village because this year would’ve been the 100th anniversary of Doubleday Field.” Tara Burke, Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce Executive Director commented , “It’s disappointing for everybody. It’s disappointing for the Hall of Fame, it’s disappointing for the fans, it’s disappointing for the business community.  “But I don’t think it was unexpected. I think a lot of the business community members here were preparing for this as a possibility with the state of the pandemic right now.  Burke continued by saying many of Cooperstown’s Main Street shops were open and did well last year, with local residents coming out and supporting businesses, and hopes they can do the same this year, and not lose many of the village’s small businesses. The induction ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, July 25, 2021.

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