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There's nothing more rewarding than giving to those who could really use it and this includes senior citizens who may be alone in our community.  To cheer lonely, perhaps homebound seniors during this difficult time, "Shoeboxes for Seniors, Otsego County, NY" organizer Lisa Costello-Nunez is collecting brightly decorated shoeboxes filled with new gift items a senior citizen would enjoy this holiday season, with the goal of cheering them up and she is asking the community to help.

It's the 5th year for this heartwarming community project after Lisa saw a great need in the community to pay more attention to our local and lonely seniors, many of whom have had to be isolated again this year as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Through a partnership with The Office for the Aging's meal delivery service, volunteers will distribute the gift shoeboxes that have been collected from drop-off locations in Oneonta to seniors in need within the Otsego County community. Last year, over 300 gift boxes were distributed and it would be great to do more. 

How to help?

  • Find an empty shoebox/box.
  • Choose male, female or non-gender.
  • Fill the box with new, unopened items.
  • Wrap the box in holiday paper.
  • Label the box which gender items are for and attach it to the box.
    (feel free to personalize the gift box with a card/ letter)
  • Bring your gift box to any of the drop-off locations (listed below) by December 15th.

The shoebox collection will take place from November 15 until December 20. Drop off your shoebox to one of the following locations in the Oneonta area:

  1. The Southside Mall, Oneonta (a collection box is set up).
  2. The Green Earth, 4 Market Street, Oneonta.
  3. The New York Skin & Vein Center, 6 Country Club Rd, Oneonta.
"Shoeboxes for Seniors" display and collection box at the Southside Mall. (TSM Oneonta)
"Shoeboxes for Seniors" display and collection box at the Southside Mall. (TSM Oneonta)

Below is a list of gift ideas you can purchase for your shoebox.

Let's give back to our lonely seniors who have contributed so much to our community over the years in the spirit of the holiday season. "Shoeboxes for Seniors" is a wonderful activity to make as part of your family's annual, holiday tradition!
CLICK HERE to access the Shoeboxes for Seniors, Otsego County, NY Facebook page.
Credit: Lisa Costello-Nunez
Credit: Lisa Costello-Nunez

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