A fusion ticket of Democrats and Republicans is looking to put the interests of our city, taxpayers, and residents first. The coalition is optimistic that with the right leadership Oneonta can continue to grow and flourish into an economic center in the Southern Tier.
The group will focus on many of the important issues facing the city including the Downtown Revitalization, economic development and bringing jobs to the Greater Oneonta area, affordable housing, reducing taxes, and facilitating a stronger relationship between the city and colleges, which are the economic drivers for the area. They believe their bipartisan group best offers the ability to develop a relationship with the colleges that will address both the year round citizens concern for student behavior and the lack of voice for the younger generation in local government.

The candidates include Seth Clark (Ward 2, D), Jerid Goss (Ward 4, D) and Joshua Bailey (Ward 8, R). Each of these candidates offers a unique perspective and background that will bring vital assets to the local community over the next four years. Over the next few weeks, each candidate will be submitting a letter personally to share their backgrounds and reasons for running.