Saturday July 21 is "National Junk Food Day."  How will you celebrate?

Well, on this day of unhealthy indigence I will head to the nearest poutine palace and chow down to my heart's delight.  Poutine, which we used to call "drunk food" is basically the old American diner staple of french fries topped with cheese and gravy.  Poutine comes to us from our northern neighbor, Canada, and steps up that diner favorite from the old days.  Now it is usually described as "top choice hand cut french fries, topped with juicy cheese curds and homemade beef or chicken gravy."  Well, sounds like the old diner favorite to me.  I could easily be addicted to this delight.  In fact there is a poutine food truck that travels around, LePetite Poutine, and it is outstanding!  Some of the best I have ever had.

It is way too delicious to be healthy for you, but for one day...bring it on!

I love poutine and it is now appearing on lots of menus in our area.  So, tell me.  How will you celebrate "National Junk Food Day?"