My first transistor radio was a 1958, small table top radio not much larger than a pack of cigarettes.  It was stylish,compact and came with a flip out metal stand in the back so I could put it on my bedside table.  By the way, the flip out stand was a brilliant idea!

I loved that old radio and wish I had it back again.  I can't tell you how many nights in my bedroom at 69 West Main Street in Sidney I would crawl under the blankets with that radio in my hands slowly moving the dial to see what would come in.  Hey, maybe that is my inspiration for being a DJ!

I do remember that on a clear winter night the best station to enlist to was WBZ in Boston.  I would flip out the metal stand, put it on the table and slowly go to sleep to the sounds of 1950s rock and roll, listening to the weather in Beantown and the traffic reports from around the Boston Bay area.

I'd sure like to have that little radio back.

How about you?  Do you remember your first transistor radio?